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Picture Framing

At Frametalk we offer a top-quality picture framing service with free drop-off and collection within 10 km of all our stores. We also offer installation services for all your picture framing needs, helping you with the correct height, position for lighting and placement. We offer this service within a 100 km radius of Johannesburg, please contact your most convenient branch for more information.

Picture Framing Joburg

Custom Frames

Our experienced framers will work with you to select the perfect frame for your work. We have thousands of frame samples to accommodate your vision and budget: all types of wood with stained, printed or natural finishes – precious metal leafing (gold, white gold, metal), metal welded steel and finished corner-splined frames.

Custom Mats

We provide custom archival mats in a range of thicknesses and colours, as well as hand-wrapped fabric mats.

Glazing Service

We carry a range of glass and plexiglass including regular, UV-filtering, anti-reflective and museum-quality that can protect your works from UV damage.

Museum-quality Framing Products & Techniques

In addition to mats and protective glazing, we only use acid-free backing and mounting to ensure the full conservation of your work. We are practiced in conservation framing techniques and can provide fully reversible custom framing solutions. As members of the Professional Picture Framers Association, we remain current with advancements in conservation framing practices.

Artistic Vision & Professional Advice

The most valuable aspect of our service is our professional knowledge of the custom framing industry that we are eager to share with you! We will give your unique piece the individual attention it deserves.

Frame Installation

Once your works are framed, our experienced installers can help you with the placement and installation of any number of works in your home or office.

Frame Restoration

If your frame needs restoring, we’d be happy to help. If your artwork is damaged, we work with talented restoration experts that we would be happy to refer you to.